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We are delighted to announce our amazing new tour for 2016

Mission ImPUDSEYble!


Mission ImPUDSEYble is a brand new interactive spy adventure for audiences aged 3 - 103 will begin its debut UK tour during Easter 2016, and will star everyone’s favourite Britain’s Got Talent champions – Ashleigh and Pudsey.


Mission ImPUDSEYble will also feature a supporting cast of ten West End performers, amazing special effects from Twins FX and plenty of audience participation.


From K9 Intelligence Agents Ashleigh and Pudsey must defeat their arch nemesis Dr Feline as he battles for world domination. With a fantastic array of gadgets, cars, jet packs and gismo’s audiences will help Ashleigh and Pudsey by finding clues, breaking codes, and deciding where to travel to next. On their travels they encounter a variety of comedic characters and the devious acrobatic cat burglars who work on behalf of Dr Feline.


Watch in awe as they Riverdance in Ireland, do battle with Russia’s meerkat devision and defeat Dr Feline’s guardian of his tomb – the spectacular sand serpent. Finally Pudsey must complete a deadly assault course full of crafty traps in order to get to save the world and finally complete their mission.


This spectacular production is bound to leave audiences spellbound as they cheer our heroes to victory. So get ready for this amazing musical adventure that will appeal to all ages and give the nation’s original and best dancing dog the “appaws” he deserves!


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